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Everyone has struggles, we are here to help!

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There are seemingly an infinite number of ways to encounter stress or some type of struggle in our lives. This may be seen with challenges with weight loss or weight gain for those looking to add some mass, being able to make time to be involved with the activities we enjoy, including health and fitness like sports or simply just working out; financial stress due to job uncertainty, family responsibilities, such as caring for others or even just ourselves, especially when there is a medical condition involved, even just managing a nagging “old” injury … numerous others that you can identify that are unique to you. What we need to do doesn’t always seem like what we want to do. Simplify things by prioritizing what matters. This will help you to desire what you actually need in order to accomplish your goals and address your priorities. Help yourself in order to be able to continue helping others. Your health and fitness go a long way to being able to do the things that matter in life. Make time, don’t try and find time. Our society is too busy with non-stop distractions. Allow for indulgences, but have limits. The main factor in your fitness is your nutrition, not how much you workout. Fuel yourself for your activities. The better the fuel, the better the performance. Don’t stress over counting calories or macros if you haven’t focused on your nutrition before, just focus on quality food. 

  • Start by keeping it as simple as possible: Eat meat and veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, a little starch and no (refined) sugar.

  • Make this your normal and you will see improvements in energy levels and body composition. This will address most of the nutrition related stress. Yes, we can certainly focus on other details, but let’s not take on too much all at once.

  • The holidays are upon us, enjoy the treats and indulgences during this special time of year. Taste all the sweets you like, just try not to eat every single one … definitely something I have struggled with from time to time (I tend to have a sweet-tooth). Try to be a dessert snob! Only taste / eat the very “best” / most delicious of what is available. After you have enjoyed and savoured the delightful delicacy, get yourself back on track with your top quality whole foods, meat (or plant based protein sources) and veggies.

  • Don’t stress over the “cheat” meals, plan and account for your TREAT meals. Enjoy the holiday season and start the New Year strong, healthy and prepared for embracing sustainable healthy habits. In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns about your nutrition, working out while managing an injury or anything else, just let us know so we can help, that is why we are here. See you soon.