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About Forest City CrossFit

At Forest City CrossFit, our Vision, Mission and Values guide everything we do. They set the roadmap for the services we provide, instill the commitment to our members, describe how we do things and identify what is most important to us. Our Code of Conduct is guided by our Values of “Safety, Progression and Belonging”. It sets the expectation for members, staff and visitors on how we will treat each other and how, collectively, we create the supportive Forest City CrossFit environment.


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At Forest City CrossFit, we offer:

Outstanding Facility

Our clean and bright facility has large indoor and outdoor spaces with specialized equipment to ignite your fitness. Take a virtual tour.

Welcoming Space

Our inclusive and social environment promotes members to support each other and celebrate successes.

Expert Coaches

Certified Coaches ensure your safety, match workouts to your level and push you to progress through our constantly varied programs.

Special Events

We host social events, celebratory workouts, friendly competitions, wellness seminars, charitable events, and campaigns to keep you motivated.

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