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Adult Group Classes

Get motivated and supported with other members working out alongside you in our fun and energized, small group classes. Cheer each other on to do better and stay accountable to your health and fitness goals. The one-hour class includes a warm up, intense full-body movement and cool down. There’s a different workout every day which targets different parts of your body and fitness areas. You don’t have to think! Just come to work hard and follow the guidance of our expert Coaches.


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Our Adult Group Classes offer:


Members support, encourage and celebrate each other during and after workouts. Build new connections and accountability.

Certified Coaches

Get close, expert guidance to ensure you move safely, at your level and continue to make progress toward your goals.


Our classes are lively and full of energy. You'll look forward to coming, stay motivated while you workout and feel great when you leave.


You'll have 1:1 consults to set and review goals. Coaches and members will help push you and keep you accountable, along with our results tracking app.

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