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Our programs come with a variety of membership options. We want to understand what your goals are, to help you consider which would be best to support you in achieving where you want to be. Click the “Info Session” button to schedule an appointment with our Head Coach. Jamie will give you a tour of our facility, hear about the changes you’re wanting to make and suggest the best options to help you get there.

To be up front, you may find some of our adult membership fees more than most traditional gyms, but that’s because we offer so much more. This isn’t a place where you put your earbuds in, struggle to figure out what to do, risk your safety with incorrect techniques and are left on your own to do an ineffective workout. Check out the list below to see what you’ll get as a member of Forest City CrossFit, compared to that mega gym down the street.

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Our Adult Memberships offer:

Daily Varied Programming

A new, exciting workout taught every day, targeting different body parts, so you don’t plateau. You'll do full body, functional movements that can be scaled to your level.

Specialized Equipment

This isn’t a regular gym. You’ll be guided to try new things safely; push your body and achieve things you didn’t think were possible.

Expert Coaches

Our CrossFit Certified Coaches give you individualized attention to ensure you’re moving safely, using proper technique, and pushing yourself to progress.

Goal Setting

You’ll have a 1:1 Goal Setting Session with our Head Coach and quarterly Review Meetings to build accountability and foster progression.

Small Class Sizes

You’ll get close attention from our Coaches during workouts. They’ll help customize the movements for your level, guide your technique and push you to work hard.

Performance Tracking

Your membership includes access to the Wodify app, where you’ll record all your performance accomplishments and set new targets.


With our Attendance Incentive Program, quarterly Goal Review Sessions, performance tracking and positive peer pressure from Coaches and other members, you’ll have lots of prompts to hold you accountable.

Supportive Environment

Our welcoming and inclusive, no-judgement space helps you feel comfortable right away. You’ll be cheered on by our Coaches and other members and form new relationships.

Info Session

Book an Info Session to learn how we're different from most gyms.
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