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Owner/Head Coach

Jamie Schmuck

Jamie’s lifelong passion for being active was enhanced when he joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2003 and eventually began strength & conditioning training. He then discovered CrossFit, which provided a structure for his healthy, active lifestyle. He enjoys sharing his experience, knowledge and passion for CrossFit with others. Jamie is a certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer, Professional Youth Certified Coach and holds the CrossFit Kids Certification. He’s also completed countless fitness professional development courses including Weightlifting, Endurance, Mobility, Gymnastics, Strongman and Judging, as well as Standard First Aid/CPR/AED.

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Carlton Fletcher

Adult Group Classes, Youth Programs, Day Camp, Personal Training

Carlton has completed Fanshawe’s Fitness and Health program and certified as a One-on-One Coach with Two-Brain Coaching and CrossFit Level 2. He is passionate about fitness and has a high enthusiasm for helping people reach their fitness potential. Using a supportive and friendly, but firm coaching style, he pushes his clients hard to get outside of their comfort zone, to experience success. We consider him a walking pep rally! He is great at utilizing his camp counselor and team sports experience.

Forest City CrossFit Coach Deanna Chapman

Deanna Chapman

Adult Group Classes

After being an FCCF member for a couple of years, Deanna decided to take her passion for CrossFit to another level by becoming a Coach. She participated in our comprehensive Internship Program, learning the ropes from Head Coach Jamie and completed the CrossFit Level 1 Certification. She enjoyed watching classes and shadowing during the Internship, learning how to fine tune movements, and even improving her own form. She’s eager to lead others in the supportive community that helped her when she moved to London. She says that her coaching style is evolving, but she aims to find the balance between encouraging others with a focus on proper form. She’s recently started a new management role in her full-time job, anticipating that it and her role at FCCF will nicely complement each other. Outside of the gym Deanna stays very active, believing that mental health equals physical health. She plays volleyball, soccer, golf, walking, hiking, and camping. Thankfully, these help offset her love of all things carbs – bread, pizza, pasta!

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Chris Moss

Adult Group Classes

Chris has been a passionate CrossFit athlete for 6 years. She says, “CrossFit gave me life.”, explaining that she was 205 pounds and walking with a cane, due to an autoimmune issue caused by stress and 20 years of inactivity. After 5 consistent years of CrossFit and careful adjustments to her food intake she lost 75 pounds and freedom from medication. Chris was then able to build new skills to the point that she became a competitive Masters athlete, having podium placements in many events over the past couple of years. She loves learning new skills and enjoys building strength with Olympic Weightlifting but says that gymnastics movements are her favourite, as well as long EMOMs that build her cardio. She does a lot of accessory work and calisthenics to keep her body healthy between hard CrossFit workouts and also swims weekly to keep her joints healthy and VO2 levels strong. Chris considers CrossFit coaching to be her passion and extracurricular joy. She loves being able to inspire, develop and challenge people to be better versions of themselves. Chris says that she’s defied most of the excuses anyone can give about adding fitness to their lives and is happy to share her learnings about fitness and nutrition with others to help with their journey. Chris promises to be cheering athletes on right to the end, and to always prioritize proper techniques and safety. Outside the gym, Chris works as an executive leadership consultant. She was recently married to an amazing local artist, has two adult daughters (her biggest fans and inspiration), as well as two stepdaughters and a cat named Ellie. Chris holds a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Judging Certifications.

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Abigail Valdes

Youth Programs, Day Camp, Personal Training

Abigail came to FCCF during her final placement with Fanshawe College’s Health & Fitness Promotion program. During her four months with us, Abigail became familiar with CrossFit, developed her coaching skills under Jamie and Carlton’s guidance and led both adult and youth classes. She’s eager to put her new education and training into practice, along with her past experience as a summer camp teacher. Abigail says her passion for fitness started when she was a child joining her dad in workouts. She’s excited to share her love for sport with new generations of young athletes and benefit from their enthusiasm. Aside from participating in her favourite sport of swimming, Abigail enjoys travelling, watching movies, learning new languages and being a pet lover. Abigail is certified with First Aid/AED for children and adults and CrossFit Level 1.

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Alicia Streeter

Adult Group Classes, Youth Programs

Alicia became a member of Forest City CrossFit in 2016 and was hooked right away. Wanting to be a bigger part of the CrossFit community and set an example of being active and fit for her two children, she completed her CrossFit Level 1 certification. Having been a French Immersion primary school teacher for many years, Alicia brings her experience and skill to create a structured and safe environment where children will thrive, while having fun to our children’s programs. For our adult classes, Alicia brings her passion for fitness and love of CrossFit along with her sunny disposition that helps people enjoy fitness and push themselves.

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