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Elite Teen Athlete Training

This specialized and focused service is for youth aged 12-17 with a drive and commitment to develop their athletic capabilities to an elite level. While the approach and programming follow CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting principles, it will benefit young athletes participating in a variety of sports by:

  • Raising awareness of their own body, skills, and areas for improvement
  • Teaching how to set, adjust and achieve S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Learning new and improving existing techniques to advance performance
  • Increasing muscle strength and conditioning
  • Improving physical and mental endurance
  • Building comfort and confidence with more challenging and complex movements and loads
  • Grooming the necessary mental and emotional capacity to confidently persevere in competitive environments
  • Providing a supportive environment to push beyond one’s comfort zone
  • Promoting the serious mindset and mature work ethic necessary for constant progression
  • Encouraging a balanced, healthy, active lifestyle
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Our Elite Teen Athlete Training offers:

Expert Coaching

Highly trained and experienced coaching, providing expert technical advice and mentorship.

Focused Guidance

Small group, focused instruction, with individual attention to guide each athlete’s progress.

Supportive Environment

A positive approach to build comfort and confidence with more challenging tasks.

Improved Performance

Individual goal setting, monitored and tracked progress, improving performance transferrable to a variety of sports.

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