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How is Your Foundation of Fitness?

We have some great options to support your health and fitness goals! Below is a little primer for some new programs that will have a huge impact in supporting your goals.

Most of you have goals to improve your overall fitness. Our fitness is improved by ensuring we are addressing all areas needing attention.

The issue is what we want to do and what we need to do in order to reach our goals often isn’t the same thing. That is where we come in, to help guide you and encourage you to work on and achieve those challenging tasks. The challenges get us outside our comfort zone. That is where the magic happens!

We need to challenge or “stress” ourselves, in a safe and controlled manner. This “stress” to our systems, body and mind, demands postive change to adapt to the stimulus / stress, which in turn improves our capabilities as we force ourselves to develop with increased physical and neurological abilities. Fun stuff (especially for the academically inclined ..)! That is why you hear things like: “Hard Work Pays Off” and “If it doesn’t Challenge you, it won’t Change you”.

Now, take a look at the pyramid. If we want to truly improve our overall fitness and capability at any level we need to ensure that we have addressed the areas below. Every level builds the foundation for those above.

hierarchy of development.jpg

Weightlifting is a great example. Yes, we can be generally healthy by being active and lifting weights. However, if we really want to improve our heatlh and be as fit as possible we need look at the other areas to see where improvements can be made. The biggest impact comes from the lowest levels.

Most in our society have been conditioned to easily dismiss nutrition and “cardio” . Many have said, or at least feel, that they could eat healthier if they wanted to. Everyone wants to, very few do it. So, the challenge is for you to actually do it. Keep it simple – get enough protein and eat all the veggies you can.

Metabolic Conditioning has different aspects to it, not just “cardio”. Can you sprint? How about maintain a pace to allow for a 5k+ run, or any physical activity for over a half hour? Can you lift some heavy weights, like a bodyweight bench press? Is there much difference between your 10 rep max and your 1 rep max? Looking at these abilities will give an indication of how well your body utilizes the energy available, through the different metabolic pathways.

If you run like a marathoner, expect to look like one. If you lift like a powerlifter, expect to eventually look like one.

If that is your goal, great! Go after it! But the reality is most are looking for something in between. So, don’t neglect the areas that will have the greatest contribution to you achieving your goals.

And don’t forget about gymnastics or simply bodyweight movements or proper body control. When you can properly control your body, you move more weight, effieciently and avoid injury.

Do yourself a favour and do some work in areas that will help you reach your goals. Get outside the comfort zone!

You can start with a focus on nutrition. Let us know if you want in our Nutrition Kickstart with Coaching or you can start making and impact by using one or both of our meal delivery partners: Lakeland’ s Diet Delivery and truLOCAL. New program details coming up …