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Don’t Just Wait for the Next Lockdown Extension – Make Healthy Choices Now

For those of us in Ontario, another Lockdown extension has been issued. The orders under the Reopening Ontario Act, which were set to expire on the 20th of January, have been extended until the 19th of February.

This is certainly frustrating in many ways. 

Without getting into debates over what is deemed essential, or what is going to be most beneficial for our physical, mental and emotional health … it is what it is. The government is looking out for the welfare of the vulnerable sectors of our communities.

Now, we just need to continue to make the most out of this situation. This can simply be a matter of ensuring you have some routines established to help make consistent healthy choices. This can be done many different ways: focusing on your nutrition, staying or getting on track with some regular exercise, and simply doing activities or tasks you enjoy at home. 

Don’t get hung up and distracted with what you can’t do … right now … explore the many ways in which you can continue progress with your healthy habits.

Anything we are able to accomplish now, will help us tremendously with our “return” to our preferred routines.

Whether you are currently following along with us, looking to reconnect or simply get started. We have simple options to keep you moving towards your goals. 

All you need to do is let us know how we can help.